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Order the 2022 Job Search Handbook

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Whether supporting your students in-person or online, be sure they have access to the 2022 Job Search Handbook for Educators.

What Are Your Options?

  • Print copies ($1.35 per copy plus shipping and handling; minimum order of 25)
  • Digital copy "add-on" ($1.00 per copy when opting to add to your order of printed handbooks)
  • Digital copies only ($1.99 per copy; minimum order of 25)

Digital editions will be accessible through the member portal on our website. For each of your students to access this resource, we will ask you to provide a name and email address via an Excel sheet or CSV file so we can establish a free AAEE Educator Candidate account.

If you would prefer AAEE mail copies of the 2022 Job Search Handbook for Educators to your students directly, we will be happy to do so for an additional fee of $3.00 each. We will ask you to provide a name and mailing address for each of these students.

AAEE is always happy to work with you to find the best solution. If you don't see a quantity that meets your needs, please send us a message and we will gladly consider your request.

Are You an Educator Candidate?

Become a member of AAEE! As an educator candidate member, you receive FREE access to resources designed to help you along your job search journey.

Inside you'll find:

  • Virtual Job Fair Information
  • PreK-12 Education Job Board
  • Resume Building
  • Interview Tips and Preparation
  • Access to our Online Member Directory for Networking
  • Webinars
  • Scholarship Opportunities
  • Discounted Pricing on a Single Copy of the 2022 Job Search Handbook for Educators

Thank You to Our Job Search Handbook Committee!

Our Editorial Committee has done an amazing job! They've edited and organized numerous articles into seven sections of valuable information:

  • The Demand for Educators
  • Preparing for Your Future
  • Resumes, Cover Letters, References, and Applications
  • Networking and Social Media
  • Preparing for Interviews and Job Fairs
  • Exploring Employment Options
  • Navigating Your First Year of Teaching

If you have any questions or concerns, please let us know by emailing Luke at We're here to help!

Thank you to our 2022 Job Search Handbook Editorial Committeefor all their hard work!

2022 Job Search Handbook for Educators Editorial Committee

The AAEE Job Search Handbook for Educators is the product of many hours of hard work from our Editorial Committee. Over a period of several months, they collaborate to review and select articles, edit, and prepare a cohesive publication, specifically targeted to the education profession. Prepared annually, it's relevancy and substantial focus make AAEE's publication the premier job search handbook on university campuses across the country. Learn more about each of our dedicated volunteers below.

If you would like to get involved as a committee member for the 2023 edition of the Job Search Handbook for Educators, please contact Executive Director Tim Neubert at

2022 Committee Members

  • Lenroy Jones, OH (Chair)
  • Jamie Doss, Southern Illinois University - Edwardsville
  • Matthew Erickson, Slippery Rock University, PA
  • Rebecca "Becky" Faber, University of Nebraska - Lincoln (retired)
  • Amy Hatmaker, University of Houston - Victoria, TX
  • Sandy Herald, Grove City College, PA
  • Thomas Kersten, Roosevelt University, IL
  • Toni Latham, University of Georgia
  • Jack Kronser, Douglas County Schools, CO
  • Betty Ann Rember, Southern Utah University
  • Brecca Farr, Oklahoma State University
  • Deb Keys, University of Wisconsin - Stout
  • Amanda Machonis, West Chester University of PA

Thank you all!

Sponsors and Partners
Sponsors and Partners

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